Barcode Scanner

Simply scan the barcode, and within a few seconds you will get a result to help you determine the processing level of your food. Our database has over 8 millions barcodes and growing.

NOVA System

We classify products according to the world recognized NOVA Classification System. NOVA allows us to determine instantly if the food is Ultra-Processed, Processed, Minimally Processed, or a Whole Food.

Ingredients Scanner

If the barcode is missing, no problem. You can simply use the ingredients scanner to take a picture of the ingredients list. This photo is converted for the Processed App to read and evaluate.


Using the latest AI technology, our app interprets the data from your food labels, and makes a detailed determination on it's processing classification.

Discover what’s really on your favorite grocery products and see beyond the labels!  Scan and detect if your food is Ultra-Processed, Processed, Minimally Processed or a Whole Food.

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